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Album is GO!

I am excited to announce that I am booked in to start work on my album with Josh Schuberth of Endomusia Productions in February!

There are a couple of ways that you can be a part of the process.

    • I’ll be launching a Pozible campaign soon to help fund the album. There’ll be lots of cool rewards including being able to sit in on sessions in the recording studio. Got an idea for something you’d really like? Let me know and I might be able to make it happen. Stay tuned for a link to the campaign.
    • I’m doing a mini tour to test out the new material. Come and hear the songs in their raw form before we work our studio magic! I’d love to hear what you think of them.

Kira Leiva

Bryce Halliday

Sydney gig details:

I will be joined by my friends Bryce Halliday, Keira Daley & Kira Leiva in a night of fun, frivolity and fabulous music!

When: 7:30pm Saturday 7th of March

Where: The Newsagency, Marrickville.

Tickets are available, but if you’re a Pozible pledger, you can get free entry as part of particular rewards.

Brisbane gig details:

The amazing Francesca de Valence (who also plays in Emma Dean’s band Emma and the Hungry Truth) and I are teaming up for a double bill in a cosy secret place. We will be tossing a coin to see who will play first! There will be a supper after the gig and attendees should feel free to bring picnic blankets, food and drink.

Francesca de Valence

When: 7:30pm Saturday 14th of March

Where: A Secret Location, Mitchelton.

Tickets are only available online due to the secret location. Ticket holders will be sent the address the day before the gig.


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