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About Helen

Self-confessed dork with a keyboard, Helen Perris, combines the influences of her regional AM radio and musical theatre upbringing with more contemporary sounds. Imagine if Kate Bush and Sia had a musical love child via a Megan Washington surrogate, and you’d have a fairly good idea of her aesthetic.

Helen Perris is proud to forge her own path in the independent music scene in Sydney. Eschewing the major-label model, she has successfully crowd-funded her two EPs and launched her own subscription community (similar to Patreon) to work on her music directly with her fanbase. She has been shortlisted for both the 2016 and 2017 Australian Songwriters Association Contest in two categories, was a finalist in two categories in the 2016 Australian Independent Music Awards, and was named in the National Top 20 (and Top 10 for NSW/NT/QLD/WA) Songwriters for the inaugural Listen Up Australia competition in 2016.

Since launching her solo career in 2011, Helen Perris has shared a stage with Amanda Palmer, Kate Miller-Heidke, Brendan Maclean, Kim Boekbinder and others, and her unique and honest suite of songs have been heard in iconic venues such as The Butterfly Club (Melbourne), The Newsagency (Sydney) and El Rocco’s (Sydney), and performed at Peats Ridge Festival, TEDx Canberra and in the world’s smallest music venue, Folk in a Box at Sydney Festival.

Perris is currently working on an album with Josh Schuberth of Endomusia Productions, and has released the first three singles, “Mirrors & Windows”, “Be There” and “Crown”.

Praise for Mirrors & Windows:

“…her new single ‘Mirrors & Windows’ is a wonderfully infectious piece of piano pop – soulfully captured with a compellingly dark inspiration.”Real Music Network

“Perris does a great job of showing that serious subject matter can still be delivered with infectious rhythms and melodies. The lyrics speak of moving through anxiety, depression and feelings of loneliness (Perris herself wrote it while suffering post-natal depression), but it all comes wrapped in a classy, pacy package. Twinkling but powerful, the song is also proof that the oft neglected piano can be used to great effect in modern times. More please.”Indie Music Mag

“The track is a real charmer – well produced, performed and written in a lovely little piano pop capsule. It’s songs like this that make you regret how easy it is for talented independent musicians to get lost in the shuffle these days.Unfashionable Male

“Beautiful, lilting and lush, the new single from Helen Perris is a brightly wrapped pop song but with a darker core.”Night Nurse