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Introducing “The Perrennials”

The Perrennials is a community of like-minded individuals and enthusiasts; people who enjoy independent music, and want to see it survive in an increasingly unpredictable industry; people who understand that good music is more than just the Top 40 or the Hottest 100, and want to delve deeper into what music really means to them and to the world around them.

Being Perrennial will give you access to things that aren’t automatically available to everyone else, and might not ever get a public release. It’s a sneak peak into my creative process, and it’s early access to everything that I’m working on. Everything. I’ll answer questions, take requests, and share things I won’t be sharing anywhere else.

To become a Perrennial, or just to find out more (including lurks, perks and how it all works), just follow the link and all shall be revealed…

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