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Fabulous reviews for Mirrors & Windows!

Mirrors & Windows has been receiving fabulous reviews!

“…the song comes with a strong message. It helps that the message comes attached to a fun, piano driven sound which whets the appetite nicely for her upcoming album. Also, be sure to watch the video to the end.”Golden Newbies

“…her new single ‘Mirrors & Windows’ is a wonderfully infectious piece of piano pop – soulfully captured with a compellingly dark inspiration.”Real Music Network

“…Perris does a great job of showing that serious subject matter can still be delivered with infectious rhythms and melodies. The lyrics speak of moving through anxiety, depression and feelings of loneliness (Perris herself wrote it while suffering post-natal depression), but it all comes wrapped in a classy, pacy package. Twinkling but powerful, the song is also proof that the oft neglected piano can be used to great effect in modern times. More please.”Indie Music Mag


Watch the music video below and click on the music tab to purchase!

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