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A very special gig

On Thursday 22nd of May, I am joining forces with Elana Stone, Sarah Humphreys, Brendan Maclean and Sarah Belkner in a very special gig.

Concert for Ali

Concert And Fundraiser For Ali

Many of you will know Ali as the brains and boss of the enchanting little Newsagency venue in Marrickville, a singer-songwriter, a generally community minded supporter of the arts, or as a dear friend from Adelaide or Sydney.

Some of you will also be well aware that this year Ali’s beautiful mum Fionna was found to have an aggressive brain tumor and has over the past 2 months been fighting for her life. (See http://alisonavron.tumblr.com)

Ali and her family have remained inspiringly strong and positive during this time but it is hard to conceptualise going through something like this. And then to top it off, the financial pressures start to come into play with everyone’s lives being brought to a halt.

We knew many of you would be keen to help Ali, as she has brought so much to many people’s lives, and wanted to create an opportunity for you to do so. So we have decided to do a Bob Geldolf and rally some troupes to raise a few dollars via an all star gig at the NA. If you can’t make it, online donation is available. The money will help her cover flights back and forth from Adelaide, rent, funds to help her keep The Newsagency up and running, and wherever else it is needed to help Ali, Fionna and her family to focus fully on Fionna’s recovery during this difficult time.


Featuring Helen Perris, Elana Stone, Sarah Humphreys, Brendan Maclean and Sarah Belkner (formerly Miss Little)
THURSDAY MAY 22nd Doors 7.30pm
Tickets $30 – all proceeds to Ali and her family
The Newsagency, Marrickville

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