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Brisbane show

The Fire in Us Concert I Heart Songwriting Club

Helen will be playing as part of an amazing line up of fiery and talented women at The Fire In Us on 13th August, 2016, presented by the I Heart Songwriting Club. This house concert, at a secret location, will contain heart warming and explosive songs by members of the club from all over Australia as part of the two-year anniversary celebrations. Featuring the highly flammable Francesca de Valence, Helen Perris, Emma Dean, Sam Buckingham, Sarah Coller, Natalie de Jager, Erin Jane and Jessie Ryan-Allen. Tickets available for $20 but with this hot line up, they are likely to sell out, so get in fast!


Helen was recently interviewed by Christine Long from the Sydney Morning Herald for an article about financial considerations for creative careers. Head over to the article to have a read and watch the video, which features Helen and some of her original music, including Mirrors & Windows.

Helen Perris Sydney Morning Herald article newspaper



What’s happening at the moment?

Photo courtesy Irena Hayes Photography


Helen is currently:

  • writing a song a week
  • slowly recording her debut album
  • created new weekly video content for Perrennials
  • raising funds to shoot her next official music video

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