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Thank you.

To all those who paid to see me play this year, thank you.

To all those who lined up to sit in a tiny box in the dark and hear me play a song, thank you.

To all those who laughed at my terrible jokes at any of the Slapdash Song Nights, thank you.

To all those who paid for my music, thank you.

To all those who streamed my music or watched my videos on YouTube, thank you.

To all those who shared the love and art via social media, thank you.

To all those who cheered me on from the sidelines, thank you.

Here is my Christmas gift to you: a pretty little Christmas tune, recorded in my ramshackle studio. If you click on the picture, it will take you to my Bandcamp page, where you can download the single for free (or choose to pay what you want). Last year’s Christmas single is also still available for minimum $1.

Have a very Merry Christmas and a safe and happy New Year. I hope your 2015 looks bright and shiny.


The Musician vs Myer (or why I won’t play for “exposure”)

10 October 2014

UPDATE 30/10/14: MYER have apologised to me for my experiences with the Castle Hill store. They have assured me that the performers previously engaged to play have been appropriately paid, the Castle Hill store is now clear on the procedures for hiring talent and future performers at the store (engaged via an outside contractor) will […]

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Is the album dead?

22 September 2014

There has been some conjecture that the album is dead, nobody bothers listening to an entire album anymore, so why should artists bother to spend the money and time making one when a few good singles would suffice. What are your thoughts on this? I’ve been working on an album, but should I? Do you […]

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